About Citumen

Circular roofing membrane is created by deploying a bitumen recycling machine. This system works in accordance with the Bitumen Endless Life Solutions (BiELSo) process. The result is Citumen, a new high-quality and certified roofing membrane product. Bitumen is being used in 62% of the market as roofing membrane for flat roofs.


Recycling bitumen roofing membrane ensures a considerable CO2 saving. Fewer (scarce) new raw materials are needed - and, in particular, crude oil, which forms the basis of bitumen - and there is less waste to be processed. It also saves on energy that must be used in the production of new bitumen. Calculations* have shown that no less than 1.5 tonnes of savings in CO2 per tonne of roof waste can be achieved. The expectations are that at least 1 million square metres of Citumen will be produced during the coming year. This will result in a CO2 saving of at least 400 tonnes. By further optimising the circular process in the future, a yearly reduction of 1,500 tonnes of CO2 is feasible. This equates to the emissions of around 200 households.

* Calculations using the certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool of the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE).